WEEK 9 – An important distinction to make in anxiety

Tam Johnston

Wednesday Worry tips

So something a little bit different today to help explain a short, succinct and applicable tip. Watch the video to learn more.

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With anxiety there’s an important distinction to make between what’s possible and probable. If we focus on everything that’s simply possible (which is almost everything!) then that’s a whole lot of worrying we have to do about it! In fact, if we’re not careful, we’d be consumed by worry (sound familiar?!) and stuck in a cycle of worrying about what’s possible, feeling and acting in response to that worry… and so the cycle continues.

Instead, by making a distinction, we can drastically reduce our worry and reactivate the helpful part of our brain that makes us feel back in control. How? Well by using a filter to ‘sort’ through our predictions. Almost ANYTHING is possible, but there is far less that is LIKELY and therefore, probable. It’s the things that are highly probable that require our attention and from here, we can start engaging our rational, solution orientated part of our brain (which in turn, diminishes activity in our stress ‘flight and flight’ centre).

So, with things that are probable, is there actually a problem? If so, engage in making a plan to solve it. If you can’t identify a problem, then great – it simply means you’ll get on with dealing with it if it comes up! Unless of course, you are still feeling worried, in which case it is worry itself that is the problem and it is THAT process and cycle that needs stopping. And yes, we’ll get to that with regards to ‘how’ another week.

For now, are you worrying about something that is simply possible but not probable, in which case do everything you know to STOP! If you are worrying about something probable and there’s an associated problem, then make a plan to handle it, which is the perfect antidote to worry!

Wednesday worry tips series

Welcome to Wednesday worry tips and thanks for stopping by! Every week I’ll be sharing tips and nuggets to help with worry and anxiety – from the absolute basic foundations needed for our nervous system and brain to function at it’s best, how to calm your nervous system down when its been under duress, how to quieten and take back control of that busy mind and everything in between! I’ll be sharing tips, knowledge, strategies and techniques over the upcoming months so stay tuned if it’s helpful to you.


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