Our Techniques

& methodologies

Neuro Linguistic Programming


It is surprisingly easy and quick to change our mindset. All it takes is you wanting to… the choice is yours!

Although the somewhat complicated name could lead you to believe differently, NLP is highly effective, interactive, and practical way of creating positive changes within ourselves! Together we discover how you ‘do’ your problem and use that as learning to create change enabling the results you desire.

We use advanced techniques that work at the level of your conscious and unconscious mind ensuring long-term transformative change. You will also gain a deeper insight into yourself and others along the journey, empowering you to continue obtain results and creating change for the rest of your life.

You will be gently guided through these techniques. They invite a fun, open and curious mind, as it may not always be clear to you where the techniques are headed initially! You will soon come to understand the benefits through the results and we know that by allowing yourself to go with the process you will enjoy the discoveries you make! Read more here.

Change your thoughts; change your life. James Allen

Applied Neuroscience


The rapidly evolving field of Neuroscience is producing some ground-breaking advances and insights into how our brain works, problems manifest and change is created.  It is now proven that our brain continues to change all the way through our life, and therefore, WE can change. Qualified in Applied Neuroscience, Tam takes the latest research and integrates ‘what works’ into her therapeutic style, ensuring you benefit from the latest findings and proven techniques with scientific backing.



Coaching provides a confidential, non-judgmental, objective and entirely personalised support system that enables you to achieve results rapidly and to your true potential. The proactive approach helps you to know your purpose, goals and values in life and provides you with the tools to make it happen.

We will work together using proven techniques from coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), enabling you to explore options and solutions, develop new behaviours and beliefs systems that support the changes from within you. We will set personal tasks and challenges together and the commitment you make to yourself and me will lead to you towards achieving your goals successfully and transforming your life. Read more here.

Havening Techniques ®


These gentle, deceivingly simple techniques from advanced neuroscience used with the guidance of a qualified practitioner to literally change and ‘heal’ the brain. Through simple self or therapist applied touch therapy and distraction techniques, it removes traumatic emotions from their associated memories for highly charged emotional memories and PTSD.  It is also a brilliantly effective technique for stress, anxiety and phobias as well as aiding resilience and wellbeing. The changes are permanent, often after one application for specific issues, or can be used to clear out multiple trauma and distressing experiences gently and safely over a few sessions.  The beauty is they can also be taught for use at home and is one of the most highly effective treatments around, it simply works! Find out more here.

Timeline Therapy ®


Experiences in the past, alongside our interpretation of them, can prevent us moving forward as they remain unresolved in our mind.

We continue to carry those negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions with us, restricting us to be free and create new choices.

This powerful yet gentle technique ensures you keep your memories of events, yet release the effects of limiting emotions, decisions or beliefs, enabling you the freedom from emotion to move forward with new choices.

We can also use this technique to take you into your future to enable you to behave in new ways and create your future just the way you want it!



This gentle, pleasant process assists you to go into relaxing trance, enabling suggestions to be made directly to your powerful, influential unconscious mind in order for you to create your desired change.

This highly effective form of therapy initiates rapid results and has been proven as beneficial and effective in assisting with far more than could ever be mentioned here.

Whatever the problem, hypnotherapy can almost always be helpful. Have a look at some of the most common issues we deal with here and for anything not listed please contact us for a chat as to how we can help.

Cognitive-Behavioural therapy


Working on your behaviour, thoughts and feelings we use element of CBT to help you understand and control your thinking patterns and your responses. We help you learn how to challenge your thinking and guide you to develop different responses through your behaviours.

Guided Visualisation


We use creative visualisation to mentally rehearse changes until they become so natural to you that they become unconscious and is extremely pleasant to do!

I’ll assist you to create a sensory rich experience, alongside the associated positive feelings, whilst making use of resources to produce changes in thinking and behaviour. You’ll be taught this technique thoroughly so you can use it effectively time and time again in the future.