Personal Coaching

What is Coaching?

The aim of coaching is to help you gain a greater perspective of your life, your purpose, your goals and areas that you wish to develop, whether this is as an individual, executive or small business.  We guide and support you by breaking these areas down into manageable steps and accelerate you towards what you have always wanted. Whether your relationship is falling apart, you are feeling stuck, you are under-achieving at work, your life lacks meaning and direction, you feel overwhelmed or uninspired……If something is holding you back from loving your life then coaching is for you.

How does it work?

We base your sessions on what your purpose is for coaching. Generally we start with getting to know your history, core values, beliefs and behaviours and look at how they fit in with who you are, the different elements of life as it currently is, and what it is that you want instead. From there we can identify your goals and focus on how you’re going to get there, resolving any obstacles along the way.

How can Coaching Help me?

We can help you create life changes with almost anything! Goal setting, career coaching, general self-development, better life balance, finding your life purpose and direction are all common requests. We have taken the best and most effective coaching models and integrated them with all the techniques and proven methods of NLP, alongside CBT for rapid effective results. So, unlike other styles of ‘life coaching’ that exist, our integrated and advanced approach means you can be assured that whilst remaining  fun, interactive and inspiring, we are helping you effectively create those life changes you seek in a supportive, expert environment.

Is it the same as ‘life coaching’?

Honestly? No!  It’s far better! The level of change we guide you create is much deeper and longer lasting than other forms of coaching and has the added benefit of helping  you achieve your results more rapidly. Practitioners and coaches that solely use life coaching tools can often become stuck with clients when other issues arise during sessions. We are trained in  NLP, Hypnotherapy, Havening alongside other disciplines and are therapeutically based and trauma informed. Our integrated approach uses the best techniques across proven therapies and coaching, meaning that whatever arises we have the training and tools to help you.