WEEK 10 – A model for handling anxiety

Tam Johnston

Wednesday Worry tips

Taking back control in anxiety is a vital part of championing it. I’ll be elaborating more on the ‘how’ to do this as we progress through the series, but today we’ll explore a useful way to progress from being at ‘effect’ of the anxiety, to getting back at what is known as ’cause’. Watch the video below to learn more.

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When anxiety or worry kicks in, we often end up feeling the effect of it. Being able to reclaim control so that we can start using the strategies that help calm the physiology and top the cycle of thoughts is essential.
Here we give you an easy way to progress through from feeling the effect of it to being back in a position to relieve the symptoms and stop the cycle.

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WEEK 12 – Breathing for anxiety

WEEK 12 – Breathing for anxiety

When stress, tension, anxiety or panic kicks in, the first thing to respond is our breathing. Most of us have heard ‘and breathe’ yet, how many of us know ‘how’ or truly give it the adjustments it needs?

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WEEK 8 – Directing your mind in Anxiety

WEEK 8 – Directing your mind in Anxiety

Today we are looking at how we can use the natural process of anxiety in the right way. There is plenty more we can do using how anxiety works to help, so stay tuned for more tips, but for now, let’s get you into it! Anxiety is…

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