Code of Ethics


As a member of the ANLP and GHR I abide by the following ethics that I shall:

  1. Respect the dignity and worth of every human being, and their right to self-determination.
  2. Strive to act with integrity, independence and impartiality, avoiding conflicts of interests and acting in accordance with the presuppositions of NLP.
  3. Represent themselves, their qualifications, experience and membership of professional bodies honestly, and also (to the best of their knowledge) the skills, qualifications and experience of any third-party to whom they refer any of their clients.
  4. Only practise NLP within the limits of their competency and to their highest possible standards; updating their skills and knowledge on a continuous basis.
  5. Provide service to clients solely in those areas in which they are competent to do so and for which they carry relevant professional indemnity insurance.
  6. Act in a non-biased, non-prejudicial manner towards all clients, providing those clients with an identical quality of service and treatment irrespective of the many differences which are to be found between clients, including but not restricted to: race, gender, sexual orientation, disability etc.
  7. Represent NLP interventions as an option and at no time as a certain solution for any given problem.
  8. Respect legitimate needs and requirements for confidentiality.
  9. Ensure that clients` expectations, and the basis on which they will be met, are understood by both parties and that contractual arrangements are not changed without appropriate discussion.
  10. Work in ways that will promote client autonomy and well-being and that maintain respect and dignity for the client.
  11. Never protract treatment unnecessarily and to terminate treatment at the earliest moment consistent with the good care of the client.
  12. Ensure that client notes and records be kept secure and confidential and that the use of both manual and computer records remains within the terms of the Data Protection Act.
  13. Act within the law and not encourage, assist, or collude with others engaged in unlawful conduct.


The full list of ethics that I abide by can be found here