General Questions

Do I need to be referred?

Our clients come to us through many different routes .We welcome self referrals; it is the first proactive step towards empowering your own future. We also see clients that attend through a private recommendation or through a referral from a medical professional and local GPs.

Do you accept insurance?

Regrettably, we don’t accept insurance as policies vary so widely in what they will and won’t cover. Therefore, it is best for you to check your policy’s cover and liaise with your own insurance company directly. You will always be provided with an invoice for your session(s) so if applicable, you are then free to send them across your invoice afterwards.

How many sessions will I need?

This really does depend on you, and what you are coming to us for! Everybody is unique and will make changes at their own pace. When you are 100% committed and engaged in your change-work, tasks and challenges we set together, the results can be extremely rapid. The methods we use proven to help people quickly, so that even deep-rooted issues can be resolved in just a few sessions.

People that are having coaching for goals and life changes many benefit from a more long-term relationship with sessions further apart. For more specific isolated problems, most clients resolve their issues in anything between one to six sessions.

Many people benefit from our ‘breakthrough sessions’ for particular areas in their life. Clients tend to overcome their ‘problem’ within the session and the change is then followed up afterwards with further sessions only as required.

During our consultation, we will assess your needs and will be able to give you ideas of a suggested program.

Are we right for you?

The tools and methods we use are safe, widely used in medical and professional environments and have a reputation for producing quick results. We are fully regulated and insured, so you can be confident that we provide a professional, safe service with your interests at the heart of what we do. By uniquely tailoring our sessions for you and your outcomes, we ensure it is right for you. The only thing we ask of you in return is that you are fully committed to the process, creating change within yourself and obtaining your results.

How is what you do different from the support of my friends and family?

The expertise and methods that we use have been gained from extensive study and experience. They are specifically devised to quickly and effectively resolve your issues and assist you in achieving your goals. The support and motivation you get from a coach far exceeds what we could normally achieve on our own in the same time and our expertise means we can successfully help you in ways that others can’t.

What is the main difference between what you do and counselling or some other type of therapy or life coaching?

Other therapies spend a great deal of time ‘regressing’ you back in time, most often to your childhood and chatting about what happened and ‘why you are like you are. This can mean that you end up feeling the emotions all over again and reliving unpleasant situations without any significant change as a result. As much as it is often useful for people to have some form of understanding as to why they behave in certain ways, there are gentler ways of acquiring this insight if needed, and in isolation that insight doesn’t get us nearer to knowing how to do things differently. It is this ‘knowing how to do things differently’ that sets us apart.

What we offer is solution focused coaching and therapy that is predominantly focused on the here and now and your future changes you wish to make. Should you firstly feel you need to gain learnings from your past or let go of emotions and limiting decisions, we can help you gently revisit your past without having to feel the emotions and relive the experiences.

Overall, we will be making sense of ‘how’ you do your problem in the present day and how you have not reached your goals yet. From there we have all the tools to help you make those changes and reach your goals.

Unlike life coaching, if issues come up along the way that need dealing with, we have the expertise and skills to resolve these to move you successfully towards your change.

What if I have more questions or wish to have a chat?

Of course! That’s totally understandable. We can have an informal chat on the phone for you to tell me a bit more about where you are at, what you may need and to assess whether we might like to work together. If you wish to progress (absolutely no sales or pressure – I find that approach distasteful at best, unethical at worst!) we will then send you a welcome pack alongside a questionnaire for you to complete to assist me in creating a program tailored especially for you. The only thing we ask is to keep us posted if things change for you (we’ll completely understand) as we put a lot of time and effort into getting things set up for you and are constantly trying to juggle things to be able to accommodate everyone. 


What happens during a typical Session?

On your first session we will review your questionnaire and pre-coaching pack and build an understanding of what the issues are and what you want. I will be able to answer any questions that you may have, before we move onto ways to create the change.

In most sessions generally we spend some time reviewing the last session and any tasks that you have been doing, before moving on to the changework. This will be conversationally and using tools and techniques that I will guide you through. Towards the end, we will review the session and agree tasks and exercises with the new choices, actions and behaviours that you have acquired.



What do the accreditations mean?

In order for your coach/therapist to be credible and abide by professional codes and ethics, they should be a member of, or accredited by, an association or professional body. This ensures your session is carried out safely by someone who has received formal training and on-going development in their field. Tam is accredited to all the relevant professional bodies and has full professional indemnity assurance.

Do you provide sample coaching sessions?

Our free one to one consultation will give you a good idea as to the coaching style and as to whether you feel we are suited. Some people like to first book a one-hour face to face session, before committing to a coaching package. This lets you to get an understanding of who I am and how I will benefit you..

What is the frequency of coaching required?

This depends on the client, their goals and how quickly they wish to change their life. Breakthrough sessions are designed to create immediate change and may not need any further sessions after the follow up.

Resolving problems may require a more consistent frequency after the first session of once weekly or fortnightly. Changes can happen quite quickly, often within the first or second session, although a little more time might be needed to explore more difficult and complex issues.

Personal Development Coaching is best judged individually, but often clients start with sessions fairly frequently and then reduce them to once monthly to stay of track, highly motivated and achieve long-term change.

Whatever your goal, it is my duty and wish to help you create change as quickly as is possible and appropriate for you.


What does it cost?

The session rates offer exceptionally good value for money. The integrated methods we use and our expertise leads to fast effective results. Therefore, the number of sessions that you will require will be significantly less that other forms of therapy, life coaching or counselling that can go on for months or years.

Although we generally do not believe in ‘one size fits’ all packages or to locking you in (apart from in purposely designed programs) , bespoke packages can be designed to offer you the best value for money if it is apparent a package would suit your needs best. Just ask!


Can you do remote coaching?

Yes. It is possible to have coaching or therapy sessions via Skype or occasionally on the telephone. If we’ve had some face to face sessions, these may also be suitable for follow up using these methods (ask us!).

Ideally, sessions in person are always preferable and some issues or people are less suitable for remote coaching for safety reasons; they will require sessions in person. Please ask for more details and we can discuss your needs.

What happens if I am away or out of the country?

If you wish to continue your sessions whilst you are away, we can arrange this via Skype or over the telephone. It is useful to inform us of your travel plans as far in advance as possible so that we can integrate this into your program and plan around it.

If you are going away for leisure time/holidays, it may well be advisable to postpone further sessions until you are back, as having free time for yourself and your enjoyment is highly beneficial to your wellbeing. Naturally, it is your choice, and some people actually want to use this time for working towards their outcome. If that is your preference, we can arrange tasks and exercises for you to do while away.

What happens if I am late for my appointment?

Unfortunately, we cannot extend your session if you are late due to other appointments. A full agreement and details of our policy will be given to you when you make a booking.

What is your session cancellation policy and notice required?

We politely request that any changes to your appointment dates and times are made as early as possible in order to create flexibility for other client.

Although every effort is made to accommodate changes in your schedule, we require 48 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment. An alternative appointment will be offered to you at this time.

Cancellations less than 48 hours but more than 24 hours will result in you being charged 50% of the session price due.

If we receive less than 24 hours’ notice payment for the full fee for that session is required and a replacement appointment will be chargeable at the agreed rates.

You will be asked to sign and agree to our policies when you make a booking.

We hope that we have addressed most of your queries here. However, If you don’t see the answer to your question here feel free to give us a call, contact us here or book in for a FREE consultation and we will be more than happy to answer any further questions you have.

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