Heal gently and safely from

Emotional Trauma

Are there unresolved emotional issues or traumas from your past that are preventing you from moving forward? Do you sense you need to let go of negative emotions in order to feel truly free?

Emotional traumas and negative emotions come in varying degrees and from differing sources. Regardless of their size or impact, they have one thing in common, they adversely affect who we are today and how we could feel and be, unless we resolve them and let them go.


Issues from our childhood and earlier years

Who we are today is, by a huge part, an accumulation of the experiences we have had during the course of our life. Our strengths, patterns of behaviour, beliefs, values and self-esteem are formed predominantly throughout our early years and they contribute largely to who we have become. So, commonly some of the problems and issues that we now face originate in events and experiences that we had in our childhood or adolescent years. These can occur regardless of whether we have been raised in a happy, supportive environment or we have experienced a more challenging upbringing. Such issues can be formed by seemingly minor events with friends or role models that, in the moment, shape how we perceive ourselves and everything around us. If they remain undealt with, they can continue to show up in our adulthood through our patterns of behaviour, emotions beliefs and reactions.

Unresolved, they can (often unconsciously) lead to extreme emotional reactions to particular people or situations, avoidance of certain activities or interactions with people, or produce thoughts or behaviours that sabotage our success in career or relationships. Some people find they carry around negative emotions such as hurt, anger, sadness, guilt or fear and sense that until it is resolved and released, it’s a burden that prevents them from feeling free to be who they want to be.


Emotional trauma

More extreme or accumulated traumatic experiences in our later lives can have life changing negative effects; leave us feeling vulnerable, isolated, anxious with low self-esteem, leading to negative behaviours, thoughts and emotions that can be linked to a more recent cause. In very extreme cases our brain can block out memories associated with the event to protect us from emotional harm, yet it continues to have persistent destructive effects throughout all areas of our life.

I gently guide you to the causative events using a combination of effective dissociative and time based techniques and havening, meaning you do not have to re-experience the associated emotions of the issue. From here, we’ll help you gain new perspectives and insights of the situation creating new choices and ways of being.

I can then assist you to release any remaining negative emotions, that is… only if they’re not already gone! Feedback is that people notice this has a domino effect on a lot of other areas of their life, creating long-lasting positive changes and new opportunities they had only dreamt of.

Throughout, and I believe most importantly, we’ll ensure you have all the tools and insights to how you are different now and where to go from here with your new-found emotional freedom!

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