The younger years


 From the age of five I remember I wanted to help people.  I became extremely well acquainted with my nurses dressing up kit and creating a complete mess in the kitchen ‘helping’ to make cakes, yet the underlying intention was always there! After spending time in hospital as a child, the passion was only ignited more and my determination to become a nurse to achieve this purpose was set.


Like a lot of teenagers the idea of moving to the exciting city of London led me to follow my dreams away from my home town along the south coast. It is in London I have remained ever since, training and working as a nurse, give or take the frequent desire to travel which I succumbed to easily and gladly. I was often on extended ‘holidays’ to far away places, and played at ‘carry on cruising’, travelling the world whilst nursing aboard a cruise ship. This was in between an ambitious and successful nursing career climbing the progressive career ladder back in the UK.

The Working Life


stethoscopeAnyone who knows me will reinforce how effective communication is a core principle and passion of mine as a manager, nurse and individual. Sadly of late changes in the NHS conflicted with my values and high standards and the cuts, demands, fragmented team work and lack of communication meant it was no longer a system I could safely and happily work in.

Yet I’ve always believed that big life changes always produce new opportunities, and after a period of recuperating and immense reflection upon my life, I pursued self-development and experienced the immense benefits of NLP and coaching first-hand. I continue to use them daily and am regularly in awe of their ease of use, the power of the mind and the incredible changes I create using them.

book-icon-whiteI soon realised I wanted to continue my childhood passion of helping people by using my skills and insight to help others avoid similar situations to which I had found myself in; to overcome obstructions and help people enhance their life. it was the best decision I ever made and continues to stimulate, inspire and energise me daily.

So now, here I am, excited at the prospect of meeting people like you, and honoured that I have the privilege of sharing in peoples` life and learnings whilst leading a life and career that I love.”

The ‘me’ outside the room


danceAside from a coach, I am an insanely addicted worldwide traveller and explorer. A student of life as well as universities, yes, corny but true. A lover of cheese and wine and one of those slightly annoying vegetarians who complicates the restaurant choice, Sorry about that!

An avid ballet dancer with shockingly bad balance (but I keep cameragoing anyway winky-face) and too much cheek for the teachers (but they put up with me anyway!). An aspiring photographer, sister and (slightly nutty) friend. blockquote-end

                                                                                             Tam Johnston - Fresh Insight Coaching - Signature