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Are you struggling with your weight or food? Do you feel frustrated and powerless with your inability to lose weight? Are you aware that you comfort eat but can’t seem to stop? Have you tried diet after diet with no effect or find that you are yo-yo dieting?

Hypnotherapy weight loss-slim and healthy

I can help you become a healthy weight by addressing and overcoming the obstacles that are currently preventing you, leaving you free to live your life to the full and look and feel like the person you want to be.

It is well known that yo-yo dieting does not work and can actually result in making you fatter. Yet all the evidence states that losing and maintaining a healthy weight for you, is straight forward. Simply by eating less calories than are burnt off, eating a balanced diet and exercising leads to weight loss. So it can feel extremely disheartening and frustrating when barriers hinder such a seemingly easy concept.


Why can’t I lose weight?

The missing component that will ensure you success is by understanding that our choices and control around food are controlled by our unconscious mind.  We have previous experiences, beliefs and hidden motivations for our eating behaviours that rule how we perceive food and ourselves. These can easily sabotage and dominate our good intentions, creating a cycle of constant focus upon food, yo-yo dieting and self- bullying.

It is on this basis that we work with you to change your habits, thoughts, patterns of behaviour and perceptions both consciously and unconsciously around your relationship with food and exercise.

I use a variety of proven techniques to help you breakdown the barriers that are in the way.  I’ll give you all the tools you need to regain control, lose weight fast and keep it off and to consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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