Fear of spiders… a clients journey

Tam Johnston

Phobia Treatment SpidersAlice* had  a fear of spiders since she was a toddler when an incident with a spider left her with a phobic reaction to spiders and an inability to be able to deal with them in her home or on holidays. Believing that there was nothing that come be done about it, she’d resolved herself to having to ‘just live with it’. Hearing about NLP coaching, she was prepared to ‘give it a try’ but was skeptical, assuming it would take weeks and still was unlikely to succeed. She came for her session dubious but curious. If there was even the slightest chance, she was going to go for it.

Spider phobia, the two hour solution

In one two hour session Alice went from not being able to go near them, to actively seeking them out in her garden to pick them up. That evening she captured a HUGE spider (she sent me the pictures so I’ve seen it… and it was!) in her home and placed it safely outside. I’ll let Alice tell her own story from here…

The first thing I did when I got in (somewhat to my surprise) was to get a chair and remove the large (deceased) spider legs which have been poking out of my kitchen spotlight for a year and a half and which I have been too terrified to approach, and give it a good dust – what a relief! I was perfectly able to handle and look at this poor little leg…

Fortuitously, a smaller spider was also on the back porch wall too, so I picked that one up as well, with a tissue at first, then with my hands (a first), and took it outside – it kept falling off on the floor, the poor thing, obviously wondering why I was so determined to pick it up! Thanks so much Tam – what a fantastic surprise to fix this after all this time!


Thanks so much again for doing such an amazing job. I continue to be amazed that this old fear has changed so much. I tried to pick up another small spider in the garden yesterday – they all do indeed seem to be scared of me! It was the care that was put into understanding the issue – and tailored approach, that helped achieve such an amazing result – I would never have thought it possible to overcome a lifelong phobia in such a short time!

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

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