Real life experience

MATTS' Story


Matt relays his pesonal experience

“I decided to investigate NLP and coaching sessions with Tam, because my life felt like it was stuck. I was blocked in the area of relationships, making me unhappy, depressed and I couldn’t manage to lift myself from the feeling. I knew that without making some changes to the way I viewed, reacted to and approached life, this was not going to improve.

I had recently ended a 7 year relationship and felt very alone, despite having numerous friends and family around me and having a very busy life.

This was impacting on me so that I was over-eating and heavier than I wanted to be, I was not exercising regularly and seemed to be doing the exact opposite of what I wanted or knew I should be doing – i.e. eating sensibly, exercising etc. I made excuses to myself that, when I lose a stone in weight, or I fit into these clothes, only then will I be ready and able to meet someone. But, then I seemed to do all I could to stop that happening but overeating and not exercising. It didn’t make sense, but did make me feel frustrated and depressed, which continued the cycle.

Frankly, I felt like life was not going to get better and this was as good as it was going to get – which made me feel worse. I wasn’t looking forward to the future, just sat in watching TV and getting older and fatter on my own!

So I decided to explore NLP and through a series of opportunities met Tam and decided to contact her to see what NLP could do for me. After looking through her website, I decided to call her. When I first spoke to her on the telephone to explain how I felt, I did wonder if it was just me that felt this way, but speaking with Tam instantly started to reassure me and begin the process from that initial chat. It seems like this blocked or stuck feeling can effect many people in different ways, and that helped me feel more at ease with how I felt, and that maybe I can change this and feel much happier again.

I booked my first session during the initial chat and Tam sent through lots of detailed information and tools to start the process and prepare for the first session. This really helped to clarify my thinking, assess what it was in life that was missing and important to me and where I wanted to make a change.

My first session was around 2 hours and was amazing. It was just like being with a friend and chatting for a few hours like you hadn’t caught up for a while. There’s nothing weird or scary and it just felt really natural. Tam asked me questions and helped me open up, discuss the way I was feeling and articulate how I wanted to make changes.

The really interesting insight for me was this is not about being “told” how to be in the future, but it’s about uncovering what you already know inside yourself to be true and freeing up your thinking, removing the blocks to allow this to happen. So for me, that got me back into the gym that week without an internal battle, began controlling my eating and feeling much more at peace with myself around relationships.

I followed up with another session a week later and then a final session a month later – and I am the happiest I have been for a very long time!

Now, I am heading to my target weight with ease, I am exercising more and have taken up dance lessons to get me more active and widen my social circle. Relationship-wise, I feel confident and ready to meet someone and have an amazing, fulfilling relationship with them. So yes, I am happy, smiling and looking forward to every day and the excitement it holds.”

*Name changed to protect anonymity at this persons request.

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