Out with the old! Gain a NEW sense of who you are.

Tam Johnston

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Inner conflicts, limiting beliefs and an outdated idea of who we are can lead to a sense of imbalance in our lives and with ourselves. We can all relate to this experience at some point in our lives and recognise some of the internal conflicts we face.  That feeling of when something is holding you back, even if you don’t quite know what it is, the part of you wants one thing and part of you wants the other. When you look back on a behaviour that just “wasn’t you”. Or, you hold yourself back from what you are truly capable of because of that nagging voice inside your head giving you great reasons NOT to do what you really want to do. “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t”…. “I won’t succeed and then……”.

These can lead to a feeling of uncertainty, frustration, anger…. the list goes on and is unique to everyone . It is rare that we bring these underlying obstructions to our conscious awareness, so that we are then able to explore and change what is keeping us ‘out of sorts’.  We hold onto a sense of who we are that sometimes is 10 of 20 years out of date and we share those same beliefs as our younger selves, regardless of whether they remain true now.

Taking time and guidance to gain a sense of who we are NOW, what we NOW believe in and value, with all the fresh facts that we have available to us, leads to a far better starting point from which you can work towards what you want. 208834_427926770630216_280614546_nChallenging these old, bullying beliefs about ourselves and exploring our own internal conflicts to a place of mutual gain leads to a sense of peace, freedom and at the risk of sounding like a recall from the 60’s…. harmony! With ourselves better aligned, we are in a place where we are free to move forward feeling congruent with who we are. There is no better place to start from towards success!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be speaking and running a workshop at Kate and Toby’s NLP Conference at the Hilton, Cobham. I trained with this couple and they truly walk the talk!  It is set to be a brilliant weekend full of expertise,  sharing, development and support headlined by the inspirational, world renowned Michael Grinder.

Should you wish to see me on a one to one for a breakthrough session to help you create that inner alignment contact me for a free chat or face to face consultation.

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