Quick tips series – keeping to your goals

Tam Johnston


How consistently are you keeping to your goals?

I’m nearly a month into having an alcohol free house after a bit too much of a love affair with wine in front of the TV! This change came about after making a definitive decision and commitment on New Year’s Day with the intention of performing with better clarity, feeling and looking healthier and frankly because I love a challenge and to prove myself right!

Of course, we set ourselves goals and outcomes all the time, and to be able to consistently stick to them and achieve them is something I’m sure we all after. Something I noticed time and time again when I coaching people is our ability to beat ourselves up when we go wrong or slip up, and our tendency to forget to pause and appreciate our successes, achievements and how they make us feel along the way, as well as when we achieve the ultimate aim.

If we’re not feeling the benefits and rewards along the way, then why would we bother to keep going? We have to notice how it’s affecting us; the positive impact it is having. So in the words of someone wise (and I have no idea who!), stop and smell the roses along the way. They’ll make you keep going to find more, unless of course you don’t like roses, in which case find something else to notice that makes you happy ;-)

I thought I’d share with you a handle of quick tips in the spirit of smelling roses, that will help keep you on track. Enjoy, and to your success.



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