Create change; Ignite that spark

Tam Johnston


Procrastination or feeling overwhelmed by certain areas of your life to the point they dominate everything else is far more common than expected.

In an unstable economy  with conflicting priorities and fear of the repercussions of making a change, many people feel stuck where they are, yet are seeking so much more. I hear about it from my clients all the time.

How often do you stop and make changes to rebalance your life?

If you’re like a lot of people, the answer if not often enough! Yet for optimum wellbeing and happiness, we need to find a way to give all areas of our life time in our busy diaries. That way, we give time to everything that is important to us in life.  If for example you work all the time and neglect your family, the consequences to your family relationships can be dire. Equally, if you spend all your spare time with your romantic partner but neglect your health and friendships,  what are the longterm impacts on your ability to do all the things that are important to you, with the other people you care about? What richness are you missing out on that you get from your friends? Altruism has been linked time and time again to increase happiness and health, so making time to contribute and help others and you will reap the rewards. Is that currently part of your routine?

Something I commonly encounter from people I work with is the lack of real  ‘me time’ they provide in their lives. Other priorities tend to dominate, like children, having to work, dealing with finances and practicalities of life. Yet how can you be the best for others, if you spend no time looking after and nurturing yourself?

If any of this resonates with you, take some time out now to start identifying and putting into place things that will help you become a happy,  fulfilled person, both for yourself and so that others can benefit from you!

We are delighted to be running an evening workshop  for those of you looking to create change in a fun, exploratory way. How can you resist meeting others, having fun and learning about yourself; all in one evening. Oh, and there’s a bar there too so you can enjoy the company of a drink!

Places are limited so book up quickly and please share and invite anyone you feel would be interested, the more the merrier!

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