WEEK 8 – Directing your mind in Anxiety

Tam Johnston

Wednesday Worry tips

Today we are looking at how we can use the natural process of anxiety in the right way. There is plenty more we can do using how anxiety works to help, so stay tuned for more tips, but for now, let’s get you into it!

Anxiety is projections about the future – even when we don’t know the trigger. We can’t worry about what’s happened in the past. Sure, we can worry about the consequences it may have in the here and now and further ahead, but we can’t worry about the prediction itself because we already know the outcome!

So given that it is always about future predictions or that we are getting triggered and our brain is on the look out for a potential upcoming threat , we have a brilliant tool we can utilise – foresight! The problem is, we tend to use it in the wrong way. We ‘foresee’ what we don’t want to have happen and play it on loop.

Just to get you started with understanding how to use time with anxiety, check out the quick video below to start using that time machine the power of foresight in a more useful way for mild to moderate anixety around something upcoming.

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WEEK 12 – Breathing for anxiety

WEEK 12 – Breathing for anxiety

When stress, tension, anxiety or panic kicks in, the first thing to respond is our breathing. Most of us have heard ‘and breathe’ yet, how many of us know ‘how’ or truly give it the adjustments it needs?

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